Lleida.net Developers Network


Protocolo Protocolo

smsmass SMSMass


SMSMass Protocol specification

api SMPP


SMPP Developers Forum specification, Version 3.4 Issue 1.2.

sftp SFTP


SFTP Service

smtp SMTP


SMS sending via e-mail


.net .Net



java Java



php PHP




api Action


Service designed to allows Lleida.net users to configure event-based notifications.

api Admin


Service designed to allows Lleida.net partners to manage users, credits, numbers and much more.

api ENUM

Service designed to optimize SMS and voice communication processes. Based on the application of ENUM technology.

api Mailstatus

Service designed to checking whether an e-mail is operative or not. Validate e-mail ids in your databases.

api Messages


Records list for sent, received and scheduled messages.

api PDF


SMS/MMS PDF generation status.

api SMS


Service designed to send SMS

api MMS


Service designed to send MMS

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